Stories At Play is a mastermind event series for today's storytellers.

Each week we address pressing topics that are circulating in the community.

Let's Talk About LIVE Events!

This week we're talking about the changes in live events during COVID-19 and what the event industry has been undergoing with the progression.

Week 7

Join us on THURSDAY @ 2pm PST/5pm EST as we talk to talent and executives in the event industry.

Past Conversations

Week 1: "The Reality"

Alisha Marie and Katy Bellotte

Week 2: "The Creative Shift" 

Aja Dang, Jair Woo, BHLDN and Benefit Cosmetics

Week 3: "Let's Talk About Money"

Sonia Castaneda, Griselda Martinez and Merrill Lynch

Week 4: "How Are You Really Feeling?"

Ashley Nichole, Adelaine Morin, Summer Fridays, Better Help and Beam

Week 5: "How Can I Help?"

AdCouncil, Charity Miles and Frontline Foods

Week 6: "The Impact of Music"

Madison Watkins, Jules Aurora, XX Artists and Atlantic Records

It's about pivoting and adjusting during this time

Thu Do, Summer Fridays

Set one goal for each day and not being mad at yourself for not getting it done

Ashley Nichole, Content Creator

Constraints breed creativity

Alyssa Zickenberg, Benefit Cosmetics

Brand Speakers